Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme, Hybrid

Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme, Hybrid

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EPM8e has taken a major step forward from a very successful EPM7e! It has also stepped into the unknown since it has been self-published by EII Publications. EPM8e has added a number of Unique Value Propositions (UVP) not present in EPM7e. These are new or revised processes and practices with immediate benefit and business value from your project management efforts.

Effective Project Management:    

Traditional, Agile, Extreme, Hybrid

8th Edition (January 2019 publication)

563 pgs, 145 figs, 8 1/2 x 11 trim size

4 new chapters

5 updated chapters

2 new appendices

3 updated appendices

Teaching materials at eiipubs.com

Chapter Q&A file from rkw@eiicorp.com

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EII Publications

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Part I:    The Project Management Landscape

    CH01    What is a Project?

    CH02    What is Project Management? (updated)

    CH03    What is Strategic Project Management? (new)

    CH04    Collaborative Project Team (new)

    CH05    Project Management Process Groups (updated)   

Part II: Traditional Project Management (TPM)

    CH06    How to Scope a TPM Project

    CH07    How to Plan a TPM Project

    CH08    How to Launch a TPM Project

    CH09    How to Execute a TPM Project

    CH10    How to Close a TPM Project

Part III: Complex Project Management (CPM)

    CH11    The VUCA Digital World (new)

    CH12    Agile CPM Models (updated)

    CH13    Extreme & Emertxe CPM Models (updated)

    CH14    Hybrid PM Framework (new)

    CH15    Comparing TPM and CPM Models (updated)

Appendix A:    Terms & Acronyms (updated)

Appendix B:    Case Study: WBD Center (new)

Appendix C:    Case Study: PDQ Pizza (new)

Appendix D:    Bibliography (updated)

Appendix E:    The EPM8e website (updated)


Target Markets

There are three target markets for this publication:

  • Graduate Business Education
  • There are several graduate business programs (MBA, MSPM, MSIT) that offer digital transformation programs with few text books designed to support those programs. A comprehensive learning package is also available.

  • Contractors/Trainers
  • Clients are even less prepared because of staffing deficiencies in the digital space and they look outside for help or programs to prepare themselves for the transformations.

  • Practitioners
  • This is where the rubber meets the road – a resource to keep on their desk as they look for stepwise transformation processes to address their most critical business issues.

    Here is a statement from the EPM8e back cover:

    Learn to use the most up-to-date and practical tools, templates and processes for delivering business value from your project efforts

    Project management processes and practices continue to undergo significant changes since the publication of EPM7e. PMBOK® Sixth Edition has been published and has taken a step forward with the recognition of agile project management through the Agile Practice Guide.

    EPM8e will continue the look and feel of EPM7e:

    • Complete set of PowerPoint slides free at eiipubs.com to support your lectures
    • Chapter Q&A answer file free to vetted faculty from rkw@eiicorp.com
    • Collection of team exercises for in class use is free at eiipubs.com
    • Full compliance with PMBOK® Sixth Edition

    EPM8e has added a number of UVP complex project processes and practices that can be directly implemented into your methodologies for increased business value including:

    • Co-manager model for meaningful and collaborative client involvement
    • Two-stage requirements elicitation mitigating problems of unclear solutions
    • Efficient swim lane strategies for solution learning and discovery
    • Lean bundled scope and change management decision process
    • Hybrid Project Management Framework
    • Decision model for designing unique project management models