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Collateral materials to support EPM8e

Collateral materials to support EPM8e

Collateral materials

Lecture Slides

These are the slides I have use when teaching the course using the EPM Series. Each chapter is fully described through the slides. They are in Powerpoint format so they can be further modified to fit the specific needs of the faculty.

In Class Case Study Exercises

These are a collection of over 30 brief case studies for use in class to be presented for team discussion and resolution. I use them to reinforce topic development.

Chapter Discussion Questions answers (request them at rkw@eiicorp.com)

Chapter discussion questions are not list the ten causes of the civil war type questions. They often present topics in a real setting so some application of the topics is required for resolution. Further assumptions are often required. My answers are available to vetted faculty only through a request at rkw@eiicorp.com.

Sample Course Descriptions

EPM8e can be used to support individual courses and even an MS curriculum. Several examples will be added over time.

Case Study Descriptions

Worldclass Business Development Center

This is a full-length book describing the definition and creation of a university-based center devoted to business problem solving and new business development. All projects are staffed by a student team working in partnership with an existing or emerging business. The books are available for purchase through amazon.com.

Pizza Delivered Quickly

This is a full length article describing the updating of a small family-owned business to include technology for the pizza ordering, preparation and delivery. It is available for free on the eiipubs website.

Test Bank

A number of universities have requested the creation of a test bank for EPM8e. This has never been a good business decision for Wiley but with the participation of a partner institution may become a reality. More planning detail is needed to create this product.


These are created by the author to extend and reinforce EPM8e content. They are available for free on the eiipubs website.

Additional Chapter Topics

EPM8e has been trimmed down to contain only PM methodologies. There are several other topics that will be posted for your consideration. These are not free but will contain the text and supporting collateral materials too. There are 14 topics listed. Each will be a complete package of text and collateral materials. The cost will be $495 for each package. Each will be a complete package of text and collateral materials. The cost will be $495 for each package which grants unlimited copying privileges to the purchaser.

I will be adding materials to all of these categories over time. That process has already begun in preparation for the publishing of EPM8e.

It is my intention to provide a complete package for your project management curriculum and courses. That will require a collaborative partnership with each of the adopting institutions and faculty. You can help me with that project by offering suggestions and materials you would like me to include.

EPM8e opens up a more detailed study of project management processes and practices than any other book currently in print. It is supported by a number of collateral materials to support those who teach and train in project management from the introductory level to the graduate level. The book will be published in April.